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Working with the right team every day builds momentum and ensures the best delivery. However, businesses often need to scale quickly to solve new problems and meet deadlines. Finding the right technical resources to complete key projects is integral to success. 

Finding the best candidate

Our objective is to find the right IT professionals that meets our customers’ business needs. As experts in the IT industry, we fully understand the qualification requirements for a broad range of positions. Our screening processes ensure that candidates have the necessary skill set for the role and that they are a good fit for the organization.

Streamline your hiring

Developing and posting job requirements, multiple phone and in-person interviews, and weeding through ill-qualified candidates takes time that most just don’t have. Instead, our clients have us do the leg work for them. Our flexible approach allows us to handle any aspect of the recruiting and screening process, and we will only submit qualified candidates. We are committed to saving our customers time and money, giving them the ability to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Scalable staffing solutions for VMS

With today’s vendor management systems(VMS), a Managed Services Program (MSP) relies on its suppliers to help fill positions. Having a strong staffing partner who is dedicated to the MSP, as well as the customer, is key to being successful. We are able to harness our scalable recruiting model and shift our recruiters to accomodate for various client contingent workforce spikes. We have offshore teams that are managed by onshore leads to help ensure top quality candidates. We rank 13 out of 139 vendors in one of the largest wireless providers VMS.

SCI Staffing Benefits

Cost Control

With access to a very large pool of highly-trained consultants, SCI ITS provides resources that meet business objectives. We work directly with your team to identify fast, flexible solutions while containing recruiting, on-boarding, and training costs.


Our recruitment process ensures we identify, vet and transition resources quickly and seamlessly. We conduct comprehensive business and background checks on all consultants.

Technical Expertise

Our team of consultants offers expertise across multiple technology domains, allowing on-demand scalability. Thorough analysis of technical and soft skill-sets assures our consultants function as strategic team members.

Flexible Contracts

SCI ITS supports multiple staffing arrangements including temporary, contract-to-hire and direct hire. This allows clients to determine the staffing model that best meets their business goals.


Our Hiring Process


SCI ITS Staffing Process


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