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SCI ITS couples technological innovation with tried and tested organizational development approaches to help our clients grow employee expertise and nurture talent. Drawing on our experience developing solutions using mobile applications, virtual reality, simulations, social media, and gamification; we help our clients create meaningful and measurable change within their organizations.


Organizational Development Strategy

Our user focus is a key component to the success of our software development. Our experts work to improve the user experience and functionality of all applications. We help streamline requirements definition and maximize the usability across platforms. Using formative user research and evaluation, SCI ITS helps projects meet and exceed user expectations.

Design and Development

Our team has the expertise and experience to deliver mobile enterprise solutions across all platforms and devices. Our user experience designers create an intuitive front-end experience, while our back-end application developers construct a functional and powerful application for your users. Our approach ensures we will deliver a secure and engaging experience across all of your channels.

Deployment and Support

SCI ITS designs and executes comprehensive quality assurance and test automation strategies. With an in-depth knowledge of the software development process and a scalable tool suite, we help provide objective assessments that result in fast deployment across all platforms. SCI ITS provides a collaborative test environment that enables a seamless, automated test and QA workflow.

Our Solutions and Resources

15 Jul

Learning Culture Lifecycle

We support each step of the learning culture lifecycle; partnering with our clients to maximize strengths, close gaps, and manage change. 

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Our Approach to Human Performance Challenges

Your people are poised to provide greater efficiency and innovation; they just need a catalyst. We partner with our clients to provide that catalyst by maximizing organizational strengths, closing gaps, and managing change.

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L&D in Oil and Gas

Our clients face the challenge of meeting an exponential increase in global demand for energy, while ensuring they manage growth, talent and change within their organizations. SCI ITS support learning and development initiatives. 

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23 Jun

How much does it cost to develop one hour of learning?

Many different inputs are required to create learning content. We breakdown the scope of projects using three broad development levels to give you an idea of how much work is required for different types of content.

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28 Jan

Mobilize Your Knowledge Capital

Modern technology and the proliferation of mobile devices are changing the ways employers can communicate with, educate, and support their employees. Modern learners demand the ability to access personalized content when it’s most convenient and most relevant for them.

How can you engage your employees through technology?

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