Oil and Gas

SCI ITS partners with companies to support the planning and implementation of information technology initiatives that enables managed growth and change as the global demand for energy expands.

SCI IT Solutions specializes in supporting existing IT systems and integrating new technology solutions. Our business is to support the planning, development, rollout and adoption of solutions that help our clients increase exploration, production, transportation, and sales of oil and natural gas.

SCI ITS partners with companies to plan and implement information technology initiatives that enable growth and change as the global demand for energy expands. 


We provide operational, technical and sourcing support for our clients in the financial services industry. We are able to provide extensive data management capabilities and updates to modernize aging infrastructure.The pressure of constantly evolving regulations combined with an increased competition for customer acquisition and retention has created new challenges for the financial industry.

To better navigate this complex landscape, financial institutions are relying more often on technology strategies to meet customer demands, realize growth and achieve cost savings.

SCI ITS partners with financial companies to help enable expansion and reduce operational expenses by using technology to overcome business challenges. We support our clients with strategic consulting, information management, mobile solutions, and more.


We have a unique expertise in supporting health and health behavior change through software, mobile solutions and interactive media. We can also support data management, regulatory training and systems modernization.

Whether it's providing better care, controlling costs, advancing research, or communicating more effectively with patients, the health industry is working to capitalize on the strategic value of technology.But with constantly changing regulations and increasing costs, this can be a daunting task. Our health practice greatly evolved in 2008 when we acquired Radiant Creative Group, an organization founded in the unique mission to develop theory-driven digital interactive interventions that promote health behavior change. Grounded in this philosophy of using technology to enable better outcomes, SCI ITS strives to provide smart solutions to the health industry's key challenges.


SCI ITS supports technology companies in developing strategies and execution plans for customer-focused solutions. This includes the back-end of new product development and mergers and acquisition support.

Customers are dramatically increasing their expectations for technology companies, all the while the business is demanding increased growth and decreased costs. Whether interacting with your business on their tablet, through social media or a call center, customers want a seamless experience with top levels of service. SCI ITS helps companies deploy technology solutions that meet the demands of their customers. We want our clients to focus on meeting their customer's needs, while we handle the details of building and maintaining enterprise back office systems and front end delivery systems. 


SCI ITS, along with our consultants and partners, also has experience providing business consulting and technical expertise within other domains such as, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Utilities, Consumer Products, Media, Hospitality, Retail and more.

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