Agile Transformation Assessment

Agile development is proven to make organizations markedly more responsive and more efficient.  However, adopting an agile approach to application development requires a cultural shift in the way an organization works. In fact, according to a recent Gartner survey, 50 percent of IT leaders indicated that people issues and a resistance to change are their greatest challenge when becoming more Agile. SCI IT Solutions (ITS) can provide the knowledge transfer and process improvements required for an organization to adopt Agile, in addition to implementing the right framework and tools infrastructure. 

Our Typical Agile Assessment

Overview: We can help determine the right path to modernize development through an Agile approach. Our assessments result in actionable plans that streamline and automate processes while improving team’s collaboration. We work will all stakeholders to create buy-in and establish a transparent project environment. Our outside perspective encourages business owners, developers and operations to come together to improve processes and achieve an enterprise-level Agile transformation.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Our Project Approach:


  • Well-defined illustration and roadmap with specific emphasis on traceability of requirements to build and on continuous test and integration
  • Recommendations to build staff systematically
  • Foundation to establish test frameworks
  • Initial outline to conduct knowledge transition and communications processes
  • Established metrics to determine implementation success

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